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3 Key Considerations When Dealing With A Workplace Injury

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When you go to work in the morning, you expect to go in, do your job and come home. The last thing you expect is to wind up injured and having to deal with doctors, medical bills and time off work. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. If you were injured at work, here are 3 things you need to consider before taking any settlements and agreeing to anything.

Go To Your Own Doctor

Oftentimes, employers will try to make you see their doctor. You have every right to refuse and see your own healthcare provider. This ensures you are going to get an impartial opinion and the medical treatment you need. If your employer says you have to go to their provider, seek a second opinion from your own doctor as well. Always good to have multiple opinions to back up your injuries.

Don’t Feel Pressured Into Settling

Employers often know that you are hurting for money since you aren’t able to work, so they use that to their advantage. They try to settle the claim quickly and prevent you from getting what you should. Allow your Odessa work injury lawyer to step in and handle it for you to make sure you aren’t taken advantage of.

Document Everything

Keep a journal of any medical appointments you went to, what the injuries were and what the prognosis was. Having everything documented will go a long way in maximizing your claim amount. Pictures are good to have on file as well.

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