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3 Things Insurance Companies Won’t Tell You About Your Auto Accident Claim

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Being involved in an auto accident is a pain in and of itself. You end up trying to deal with the insurance company, your employer and doctors in an attempt to get everything in order and under control. Unfortunately, many insurance companies will leave important information out and try to take advantage of clients. To make sure you are taken care of, explore these things that insurance companies won’t tell you about your claim.

You Are Entitled To Compensation For More Than Just Your Doctor Bills

Insurance companies will often try to short you on the amount they give you, meaning they don’t often tell you that you are able to deduct any co-payments you paid out-of-pocket, prescription costs, supplies needed, mileage to and from appointments and lost wages from work.

You Are Entitled To Choose Your Own Providers

If you have a medical provider you have gone to for quite some time, you are able to go to them for any and all treatment you need. The same applies to specialist appointments. You don’t have to go to the providers that the insurance company chooses for you.

You Have The Right To Be Represented By An Attorney

When involved in an auto accident, many overlook the importance of having an auto accident attorney in Odessa working on their side. Regardless of how small you think the incident was, you need someone who knows the ins and outs of the law to make sure you are taken care of every step of the way.

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