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3 Unprofessional Tactics Used To Derail Personal Injury Claims

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Personal injury claims can sometimes get messy for the injured party, due to the fact that some companies and their adjusters will try to keep from paying what is owed. Not all adjusters and insurance companies practice such unsavory tactics; some are fair and offer proper service. There are, however, the cases where some adjusters will use certain methods to try to get out of their due diligence. Here, we will look at some of the more common tactics these adjusters will practice in an attempt to avoid paying out on a personal injury claim.

Shifting Responsibility

There are usually at least two insurance companies involved in a personal injury claim. Some adjusters might urge you to settle with the other company, citing a level of responsibility different than that of its own insured party. You are legally allowed to pursue compensation from any and all representative insurance companies. Once one company commits to the claim (i.e. that company’s insured party is found at fault by a legal process), the claim will essentially absolve the others of liability. Until that happens, you may pursue legal recourse, including pursuing claims against any responsible party’s insurance company.

Unacceptable Lapse of Time

These types of claims often take a lengthy amount of time, due to various reasons, such as legal proceedings dragging along, lack of communication between involved parties, etc. Whatever the reason is, insurance adjusters will sometime tell claimants that they waited too long to file a claim. The only statute of limitations imposed for these cases are legal ones mandated by the laws of the state, not by insurance companies. State-imposed statute of limitations vary from state to state and often have provisions in them to extend said time. There are extenuating circumstances in regards to the insurance company having to do their own investigation into an accident. They may try to tell you that an unreasonable amount of time has lapsed and that physical evidence no longer exists to support your claim. We highly suggest you consult with a personal injury attorney in the event of this occurrence.


Because of the propensity for these types of claims to drag on, injured parties will often file under their own insurance while waiting for the responsible party to be found at fault and the insurance companies to follow due process. When seeking for another insurance company to reimburse the cost of your medical bills, an adjuster is outside of the law to ask you if your insurance has already paid said bills. This also applies to lost wages, if you used your own hard-earned sick leave or vacation time. Again, there are certain states with existing caveats to this rule, and you should consult a personal injury attorney for further clarification.

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