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Work Accidents In The Trucking Industry

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Many people say the heart of the economy is trucking. We get the things we need because trucks are always on the road transporting goods and materials. There are thousands of trucks on the road that travel various routes in order to deliver all of the products we are so used to getting.

Since truckers work so many hours and they have to constantly load and unload goods, there are several risks that can occur on the job, including the following:

  • Vehicle accidents
  • Loading goods
  • Unloading goods
  • Falling from the truck or the loading dock
  • Constantly lifting heavy boxes for a significant period of time
  • Lifting the hoods of the trucks

All of these risks are certainly dangerous, but they can be magnified by drivers spending countless hours on the road driving. As a result of the high risks and the long periods of working, workers compensation is something that is not unknown in the trucking industry.

The trucking company is responsible for providing workers’ compensation insurance for the drivers, but the way a driver reacts and responds to an injury can be the difference in how much it will cost to file a claim.

When a driver becomes injured, he or she will have responsibilities to fulfill. If that driver does not come through on those responsibilities, the smallest injury can turn into a large expense.

Due to the nature of the job, truck drivers can be more prone to injuries than other people in different occupations. If you have been injured due to a trucking accident, an Odessa workers’ compensation attorney can help you understand what you need to do in order to receive the compensation you deserve.

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