Advice on Receiving Compensation in Personal Injury Cases

Your Odessa Injury Lawyer would want you to take several steps after any accident, if you think you have a case for receiving compensation for injuries you sustained in an accident.

What you need to do depends somewhat on the type of accident, but these general guidelines should prove useful:

1. Never admit to anything without consulting an attorney first. While you may be responsible to some extent, admitting this to the other party will only hurt you.

2. Never make a recorded statement without a lawyer present. Insurance adjusters may try to get a recorded statement from you, and may be able to manipulate you into saying something that goes against your legal interests.

3. Always get the videotape. If there is a recording, from the other driver’s dash-mounted camera or the store’s CCTV system, request this recording in writing as soon as possible after the accident.

4. Talk to witnesses. Whether you were hit while cycling or fell on a slippery floor. Get their contact information and share this with both your attorney and the insurance company, if one is involved.

5. Talk to a lawyer. If you are injured in an accident that was obviously a result of negligence or simple indifference by the other party.

As soon as you are able, put those five tips into action. You can also to check our blog for advice on the type of accident you had.

If you would like expert legal advice on your personal injury case, contact us for a free initial consultation with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys.

JonathanAdvice on Receiving Compensation in Personal Injury Cases

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