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When an accident causes an amputation injury, or an accident leaves a person suffering from a personal injury with no choice but to elect a limb amputation, the circumstances obviously have been catastrophic. The future can look devastating as the amputee and loved ones face a mountain of medical bills, insurance claims and the life altering disability. The loss of a limb changes perspective on everything from throwing a baseball, to writing and typing, to playing with the kids and running–even hugging your loved ones.

The trauma of an amputation accident doesn’t end with the auto accident or work accident itself. You or your loved one must prepare for months or years of physical rehabilitation, fittings for prosthetic limbs, and loss of wages if unable to work. And because an amputation injury is so traumatic, most doctors recommend emotional therapy to cope with an unexpected and drastically changed life.

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Robert White is a personal injury lawyer with years of experience taking on tragic cases like amputation injury. He knows about the heavy hearts, worried families, physical pain and ongoing financial needs. Ask Robert White to review your case if you have an insurance claim related to an amputation accident that happened in Odessa, Midland or anywhere in the Permian Basin and Texas Hill Country. Don’t let the insurance company talk you out of the compensation you deserve. Contact an experienced Odessa, TX, amputation lawyer to help you plan for your future and then help you fight for it.