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The same things that cause car accidents can also lead to accidents on the water: negligence, manufacturing errors, driving while intoxicated and more. Someone who’s been hurt in a boating accident deserves to have as much investigation put into the accident cause as any other kind of accident. If this has happened to you, our Odessa, TX, boat accident lawyers are here for you.

Whether they’re using an engine-powered watercraft or paddling a canoe, some people don’t equate time on the water with potential danger. Hours spent on a lake, river or even by the beach are just considered leisure time fun and that’s all the thought that’s put into it. Fortunately, most serious boaters, swimmers and fisherman know better. There are, in fact, plenty of laws regulating boating and watercraft activities in Texas.

Many leisure-time boaters don’t realize drinking and boating is just as dangerous as drinking and driving. A boating license can be suspended if a boat operator is found to be intoxicated. Additional laws set requirements for the safety devices that must be provided on a boat. In some circumstances, only certain types of life jackets are approved. Also, there are lighting requirements for boating after dusk and weight limits for passenger boats. In other words, boating may seem leisurely, but someone needs to consider all these safety rules before getting onto the water.

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Ask Robert White if you or a loved one have sustained a personal injury in a boating accident. Maintenance records, witness statements and medical records all need to be considered by the insurance company and our Odessa, TX, boat accident lawyer will make sure that happens. The trauma and physical recovery after a boat crash can take weeks, months or even years. Don’t let the insurance company lowball the settlement you need to make sure your current and future medical bills are covered. Contact our team today by calling 432-580-5421 or by filling out our free online form.

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