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What Is A Concussion? What Is A Brain Injury?

The terms concussion and brain injury are sometimes used interchangeably. They are related, but not actually the same thing.

A concussion is the actual event of a sudden blow to the head. It can be caused by an object coming towards the head or by the head making contact with a fixed object. The hit is hard enough that the brain slams against the inside of the skull causing a temporary disruption of brain function. When a concussion causes symptoms that become permanent, or a head injury patient develops new symptoms over time, then a brain injury has occurred.

Brain injury or traumatic brain injury (TBI) symptoms can be difficult to discern. The injured individual may black out when hit, or he or she may seem just fine. Kids in particular tend to dust themselves off and go back to the task at hand, even after a hard hit on the head. Whether or not an injured individual blacks out, he may seem disoriented, unable to remember what happened right before the injury, light-headed or nauseated. Those are clear signs she needs medical care for a brain injury.

The long-term signs and symptoms of brain injury can be fairly minor or they can be life-altering. Vision impairment, depression, coordination problems, poor judgment, emotional outbursts, personality changes, anxiety, loss of sex drive and other symptoms can devastate the individual and loved ones for a lifetime. Some side effects may be apparent only to the people closest to the individual, meaning disability may be hard to prove for a claim.

Proving the severity of a brain injury case requires solid information about who the patient was before and after the accident. Also, it can be hard to determine which problems are symptoms of injury and which are side effects of medications and the stress of insurance claims, missed work days and ongoing litigation.

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