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Motorcyclists ride for the love of the journey — the feel of the open air, the maneuverability, the speed. But what they trade in for that freedom brings big danger. Even the most safety-conscious rider does so at the mercy of passenger vehicle drivers who may not notice them in a turn lane, at an intersection or out on the highway. The roads are meant to be shared by many kinds of vehicles, and the excuse “I didn’t see the bike” just doesn’t cut it. If you or a loved one have been in a motorcycle accident, don’t wait to contact our Odessa, TX, motorcycle accident lawyers for a free case evaluation.

Motorcycle accident attorneys are experienced in the specific laws that can make or break a case for the injured party. It is important to seek solid, trustworthy legal representation because the personal injury sustained in these types of accidents can be devastating and deadly. If a biker is fortunate enough to survive a motorcycle crash, he or she likely faces a long recovery process that will cost a significant amount of money. The cost of medical care, especially if the individual was disabled by the motorcycle accident, is enough to make the insurance company fight having to pay.

General impressions aren’t always on the side of the injured individual in a motorcycle accident lawsuit. Many people often assume that riders are reckless, lawless and troublemakers. Statistics show riders break helmet laws, drive without proper licenses and drive while intoxicated more than other types of vehicle drivers. Of course, this doesn’t mean you or your loved one did any of those things leading to his or her accident. It does mean you’ll need a strong legal team who will fight to prove your innocence.

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Attorney Robert White knows how to build a motorcycle accident case from the ground up. If someone carelessly caused you a serious injury, he can help you get the insurance settlement you deserve. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, don’t wait to call our Odessa, TX, motorcycle accident lawyers today. We offer free case evaluations and work on a contingency fee basis. Fill out our free consultation form, or call us at (423) 580-5421 to speak with our legal team today.