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It’s important to hold the right people responsible after a car accident — especially anyone injured in SUV rollover accidents. These individuals facing a personal injury need to have possible vehicle safety flaws and manufacturing mistakes investigated by a competent Odessa, TX, rollover accident lawyer.

Automobile makers have known for years that big vehicles, like SUVs, pickup trucks and minivans, have a high center of gravity. That makes them more likely to rollover in cases of driver error, during a sudden maneuver to avoid a road hazard, or in an accident with another vehicle. Drivers of these vehicles have rightly come to expect manufacturers to use roll bars, roll cages and other specialized safety devices for extra protection in the case of a rollover accident.

But, too many manufacturers base their standards on outdated safety requirements, they don’t do enough safety testing, or they look the other way if they find dangerous crash results. Organizations like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) do their own safety testing on vehicles and announce recalls when dangerous safety issues are found. But even they can’t keep up with manufacturing in today’s market. Dangerous vehicles still make it to consumers’ driveways. Drivers and passengers still suffer serious injury because of them.

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