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You may not feel any pain immediately after an accident, but that doesn’t mean there’s no serious injury to your body. After the drama of an accident–whether an auto accident, injury-at-work or slip-and-fall accident–adrenaline kicks in and masks the primary symptom of injury, feeling pain. That’s why many people injured in car accidents say they feel fine after minor car crashes but experience severe pain hours or days later.

A soft tissue injury can be many things: from scrapes and scratches to internal injuries that can’t be seen, but that may require immediate medical treatment. Don’t wait to get a medical exam after an accident. If physical problems develop in the days or weeks afterward, it may be hard to prove to the insurance company that your injuries were caused by the accident and not something that happened after the accident.


The most basic law of physics was taught way back in grade school: Objects in motion tend to stay in motion; objects at rest tend to stay at rest.

That’s called inertia, and it plays a big role in what happens to passengers’ bodies during an auto accident. When a vehicle is traveling forward and suddenly comes to a stop because of impact, the people inside the vehicle continue to move forward until their seat belts hold them back or their bodies are stopped by a hard surface inside the vehicle. Depending on the vehicle’s rate of speed, this sudden change in movement can jostle the body quite severely.

Whiplash occurs when a passenger’s head snaps forward during impact and then snaps back again to its normal resting position. The strain this puts on the neck can lead to very serious side effects starting with neck pain and stiffness, headaches, dizziness, shoulder pain, back pain and possibly ongoing fatigue, memory loss, spinal injury and depression. If a serious injury like whiplash goes untreated, it can lead to chronic pain and disability. Consult with an experienced Odessa, TX, soft tissue injury lawyer like Robert White after any kind of accident that can cause whiplash. Attorney White can help ensure your medical treatment is thorough and your injuries are well documented.

Joint Injury

The same factors that cause whiplash can cause painful accident injury to the joints. Knee injury, ankle sprain and/or shoulder pain from a rotator cuff injury can result from a part of the body being restrained while movement is still allowed at the joint. Hyper-extension or twisting of the joint during impact can initially cause pain, bruising and swelling and lead to long-term rehabilitation needs. A knee injury or foot or ankle sprain affects ability to stand and walk comfortably, while an injury that causes shoulder pain and reduced arm movement impedes the ability to write, cook and drive… all those things you need to do every single day. Joint injuries in general can require a physician-ordered period of rest; therefore the appropriate injury settlement needs to cover lost wages if you are unable to work during your recovery.

Back Injury

Careful adults do most physical labor in a fashion that will preserve the wellness of the back. Sitting and lifting, sports and exercise, cleaning and even sleeping habits can encourage or discourage back pain. Anyone who has suffered a back injury knows it’s impossible to go back to completely pain-free living. Once your back has been injured, the pain from the back injury may become ongoing. It can be triggered by one wrong move, stress or just a bad night’s sleep.

The unnatural movement of the body during an auto accident, or any kind of injury accident, can cause a ruptured or herniated vertebral disc, pinched nerves and strained or sprained muscles or ligaments throughout the back. These kinds of back injury can be so severe that you may require a lifetime of rehabilitation therapy, chiropractic care and lifestyle changes.

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