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Spinal or spinal cord injuries change lives forever. A spinal injury may cause severe and irreversible damage from which the individual can never recover.

The spinal cord is essentially the bundle of nerves that runs from the brain down through the spinal column. These nerves deliver all messages about pain and movement between the brain and every part of the body. This is why a spinal injury can be such a devastating accident injury. A direct trauma to the cord, or to the bones and tissue that protect it, will cause side effects that extend to other parts of the body, like paralysis or loss of feeling. Where those symptoms are experienced depends upon where the spinal cord was damaged and how severely it was damaged. If the damage is severe or the spinal cord is completely severed, the injured individual may suffer paralysis of the arms and legs or any portion of the body below the damaged spinal cord.

After you or a loved one has experienced an accident that has resulted in paralysis, the future may look bleak. It takes patience, knowledge and attentive caretakers to work through the details of physical therapy and the ongoing medical care needed by an individual with a spinal injury. In some cases, modifications may need to be made to the home to compensate for disability. Full- or part-time in home medical assistance may be required to help with cooking, eating, bathing and basic chores. Not only is the injury immediately physically devastating, it will be financially taxing for the rest of you or your loved one’s life.

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