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Auto Accident Attorney Discusses Multiple Injuries On State Highway 191

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On Monday, March 23, a series of accidents on eastbound State Highway 191 caused injury to numerous individuals. Midland County Troopers responded to the scene, just east of Faudree Road.

Vehicle Hit From the Rear

It all began when an eastbound vehicle allegedly rear-ended another one, according to CBS 7. One of the vehicles careened off the roadway and into a barrow ditch. As other motorists stopped to assist, another accident occurred. This second crash reportedly hurt two pedestrians who were on the scene due to the first collision. Ultimately, the multiple collisions involved six vehicles and 12 individuals.

Many Taken to Area Hospitals

Seven people required transport to Medical Center Hospital in Odessa, and one other individual required transport to Midland Memorial Hospital. Four people did not require further medical assistance. In the aftermath of the crashes, Department of Public Safety stated that one person was in critical condition and another six individuals were in serious condition.

Although Texas state law allows those injured in traffic accidents to seek compensation for their injuries and other losses, determining fault in complex incidents is a challenge in some cases. It is important that investigators determine how negligent conduct contributed to the event. Examples of such conduct include inattentive driving, distracted driving and impaired driving.

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