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Auto Accident Attorney In Odessa Offering Tips For Avoiding A Rollover Accident

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Recently, a Odessa man died in a one-car rollover accident after his vehicle overturned several times. While rollover crashes account for only about 3 percent of serious auto accidents, nearly one-third of passenger vehicle occupant fatalities happen due to a rollover accident. Because of this, it is important to know how to avoid one as well as what you can do to increase your chances of surviving one.

  • Any vehicle can suffer a rollover accident, but taller, narrower vehicles such as pickups, vans, and SUVs are more likely to be involved in one because they are top-heavy. While this does not mean you need to stop driving your van, pickup, or SUV, it does mean you should avoid putting heavy loads on the roof and that you should take extra precaution when driving one of these vehicles.
  • To avoid creating an unbalanced load in any vehicle, put the heavier stuff toward the bottom and center of the vehicle. This will reduce your chances of a rollover.
  • Watch your speed. About forty percent of rollover fatalities involved excessive speeding.
  • Be careful in rural areas. About three-fourths of fatal rollover car accidents happen in rural areas where the speed limit is typically at least 55 mph.
  • Wear your seat belt. While wearing your seat belt will not prevent a rollover accident, it will help prevent you from being thrown from your vehicle, thus increasing your chances of surviving a rollover. About three-fourths of people ejected from a vehicle during any crash do not survive, and roughly half of rollover fatalities happen when the person was partly or completely ejected from the vehicle.

Because about 85 percent of rollover-related fatalities involve only one vehicle, preventing a rollover accident is in large part your responsibility. If, though, you were involved in an auto accident where another driver hit you or your vehicle, an auto accident attorney in Odessa can help you. Contact us for a free case evaluation.