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Street Racing Incident In Odessa Could Lead To Tougher Law

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Odessa police have reported details of an alleged street racing incident that turned tragic during the early afternoon of Thursday, December 11. An accident occurred where McKnight Drive and 42nd Street intersect.

Racing Vehicle Strikes Another

A police spokesman said that a Chevrolet Silverado and a Ford Mustang were apparently speeding eastbound on 42nd Street. The Mustang then encountered a Ford Expedition that was attempting a left turn to McKnight Drive. The vehicles collided, and this caused the SUV to roll into an electrical pole. The vehicle’s momentum eventually sent it crashing into a home.

Injury and Loss of Life

The 37-year-old male driver of the Expedition was subsequently taken to Medical Center Hospital. The police spokesman stated that his injuries were not life-threatening. The 22-year-old male driver of the Mustang did not survive the collision. Police arrested the 21-year-old male motorist that had been behind the wheel of the Silverado. He now faces charges related to racing on a highway.

Mayor Seeks Tougher Law

In November of this year, Odessa’s mayor called for amending a city ordinance to increase the potential punishment for those caught exceeding the speed limit by more than 25 mph. Changing the offense to a class B misdemeanor, reckless driving, would automatically require an arrest and a trip to jail.

Although the details of this tragic wreck remain under investigation, those injured due to acts of negligent driving by others do have recourse in Texas’ civil courts. Injured parties can seek compensation for certain losses and expenses, like medical bills, pain and suffering and possible lost wages.

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