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Avoid Common Car Accidents By Following These Tips

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 2.3 million people were injured in an auto accident in 2014. Odessa car accident lawyer, Childs Bishop & White, sees the impact these accidents have on people. By understanding common causes of accidents it may be possible to avoid getting in an accident. Consider the following causes and tips for avoiding being involved in one of these crashes.

Drive Defensively

Assuming the other guy is going to stop at the stop sign is not good enough. You must slow down and look to make sure the other driver is following the traffic laws. They may be distracted and not notice the sign or they may decide to run the red light. It is worth the few extra seconds to check because it may prevent a major accident.

Avoid Distractions

Don’t text or talk on the cell phone when you are driving. Have complete focus on the road. Accidents happen quickly and often you only have a second to respond and avoid the accident. If you are not fully paying attention you may miss your opportunity. If you need to text or talk on the phone pull over.

Use Headlights And Signals

Make sure other drivers can see your vehicle and see what you are intending to do. Turn your headlights on when you are driving in dim or rainy conditions. Always use your signal. Many drivers think the turning signal is not important. It is necessary to let the other drivers know your intention so they can react appropriately and avoid a collision with you.

Avoid Swerving

Many drivers have been in the situation where they realize they have drifted off the roadway so they quickly turn the steering wheel to get back on track. However, this may cause you to lose control of the car. It may even result in your car flipping over which increases the chance of injury. Instead of severely turning the wheel, slow down or stop the vehicle and re-enter when you have verified you have plenty of space.

Drivers can take steps to reduce the chance of a crash but sometimes an accident still occurs regardless of how they were driving. Accidents often result in significant damage and injury. Recovery can be long and difficult. Contact us so we can help you recover from your car accident.