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Can I File A Lawsuit If My Odessa, TX, Accident Was Caused by A Semi-Truck Jackknifing?

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Accidents involving semi-trucks are some of the most serious on the road, often resulting in major injuries and damages. This is especially true when the cause of an accident is a jackknife. Because a semi-truck is in two parts, the cab and the trailer, they are able to move independently. Jackknifing is a constant concern and leads to thousands of accidents every single year.

After you’ve been involved in a major jackknife truck accident, you may find yourself facing expensive bills, which is why many people consider filing a personal injury suit. Learn about the possibility of filing a lawsuit after a semi-truck jackknife accident and the complications associated with these cases.

Causes of Semi-Truck Jackknife Accidents

Before learning about the process of filing an injury lawsuit after a semi-truck accident, it’s an important idea to learn about some of the common causes of jackknife accidents.

The reason that a jackknife accident happens so frequently is that there are a wide range of causes, some natural and some related to driver error. For instance, high winds are a major cause of jackknifing semi-trucks. Other usual jackknife causes include driver error, brake failure, taking sharp turns too quickly and a failure in the coupling device.

Identifying the reason the truck jackknifed should be your first step in planning your personal injury lawsuit.

Proving Negligence in Your Case

Truck accident cases, just like car accident cases, rely on proving the negligence of the driver. If you cannot prove negligence, then you will most likely not be able to win your lawsuit or receive the level of compensation that you need to cover your injuries.

There are several ways that you could try and prove negligence in your semi-truck lawsuit. For instance, you could seek to prove that the truck driver in your case was not qualified to operate their vehicle. If there were conditions like high winds, you could try to prove that the driver didn’t follow proper safety procedures and that this is what lead to the jackknife accident.

Proving negligence will be your primary goal during your lawsuit.

Why You Should Always Hire an Attorney

If you’ve decided to file a personal injury lawsuit after a semi-truck accident, it is of the utmost importance that you hire a personal injury lawyer to handle your case. Semi-truck accidents are extremely complicated and often become contentious, and an experienced attorney can help guide you through the process and help you get the compensation that you need.

If the driver in your case worked for a trucking company, the company will usually have a legal team on their side, which is a big reason you need your own attorney. Additionally, your attorney will be experienced with proving negligence and will know the types of evidence that will be most useful for your lawsuit.

Get Help with Your Lawsuit

If you’ve been involved in a semi-truck accident and are seriously considering filing a lawsuit, you need to get representation from an experienced truck accident lawyer like Robert White, Attorney at Law.

The professionals at Childs Bishop & White understand the complexities of trucking cases and can help you plan your case and identify the best way to prove the negligence of the truck driver.

Contact Robert White or one of our other attorneys today to have a discussion about your truck accident case.