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Car Seat Safety & What You Should Know

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Unfortunately injuries can occur as a result of a car accident. Children that are not properly restrained can be injured or even killed. Odessa car accident lawyer, Childs Bishop & White, wants to share a few car seat safety tips. Following these suggestions can reduce the likelihood of your child being injured should you end up in a car accident.

Professional Help

Professionals are available to help either install or check the installation of a car seat. Often the local police department will offer car seat checks. Consider participating because an improperly installed car seat may not provide the safety necessary to prevent an injury.

Follow Size And Age Regulations

Be sure to use the appropriate car seat for your child. If you have a 4-year-old that is very light weight they may not be able to move to a booster seat like their friends. Verify that the seats you are using are appropriate for the age and weight of your child. Be aware that the regulations have changed over the years. You may have moved your older child to a forward-facing car seat at a younger age than is now recommended. So, it may be necessary to keep your youngest child in a rear-facing seat longer.

Adjust Straps

It may be tempting to just leave the straps at one level of tightness and not make adjustments each time your child gets in the car. However, what they are wearing will impact the fit of the car seat straps. If they wear a bulky winter coat one day and then just a shirt the next the straps will not be adequately tight. Check for proper fit each time they buckle in.

Replace When Appropriate

Believe it or not car seats expire. The plastic will degrade over time so it is important to ensure the car seat you are using has not expired. This may mean you can’t pass the car seat on from one family member to the next. In addition, car seats should be replaced anytime a vehicle has been in an accident. It is not possible to prove that the structural integrity has been maintained after an accident so it should be replaced with a new car seat.

Keep your children safe and use car seats at all times. Follow the above tips to make sure the car seats are being used appropriately for maximum protection. For additional information about safe driving contact us.