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The Most Dangerous Road & Intersections in Midland and Odessa, Texas

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Odessa Car Accident Attorneys Can Help You Understand Your Legal Options

Motor vehicle accidents occur more often than people realize and can result in permanent injuries or, in some cases, death. Suffering injuries caused by a careless driver can be stressful and time-consuming without strong legal representation.

If you or a loved one sustained injuries or property damage caused by the negligent actions of another motorist, our Odessa car accident attorneys can assist you with your accident claim. At Childs Bishop & White, we use our experience and knowledge to your advantage, so you can receive the justice you rightfully deserve.

Astounding Accident Statistics

The Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) shared the following car accident statistics from 2017:

  • 1 person was killed every 2 hours and 21 minutes.
  • There were 14,299 serious injury crashes, with 17,546 people sustaining serious injuries.
  • 761 people were killed in crashes occurring in intersections or related to an intersection.
  • There were no deathless days on Texas roadways.

Automobile accidents happen for various reasons, however, it’s imperative to use additional caution when driving on some of the most dangerous roads and intersections in Texas.

Dangerous Roads and Intersections

Although any road could potentially be dangerous, some roadways are more hazardous to motorists than others. Below are some of the most high-risk roads for residents of Midland, according to the Midland Reporter-Telegram (MRT):

  • Loop 250 and Midkiff Road
  • Big Spring & Loop 250
  • Loop 250 & Midland
  • Midkiff & Wadley
  • Big Spring & Scharbauer

The most dangerous roadways in Odessa, according to News West 9, include the following:

  • Grandview & 42nd Street
  • Parkway & 42nd Street
  • Andrews & 42nd Street
  • Andrews & University
  • Loop 338 & I H 20

If you find yourself in a wreck on one of these intersections or any other roadway, it’s important that you know the necessary steps to take after a collision.

Steps to Take After a Collision on Texas Intersections

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In countless car accident cases, the parties involved are unsure how to proceed after a wreck. This can damage your potential lawsuit against the liable party. If you were injured or experienced property damage due to a negligent driver, our Odessa car accident attorneys highly recommend that you keep the following tips in mind to help increase your chances of receiving compensation.

    • Stay calm – Immediately after an accident, it’s easy to fret, however, it’s essential that you stay calm in order to make reasonable decisions.
    • Remain at the collision site – According to the Texas Transportation Code, if you’re involved in a collision, you must remain at the scene. If you fail to comply with this law, you could potentially face a felony charge.
    • Call emergency responders – It’s important to call for help, even if you believe your injuries are minor. Also, the police can write a report that will state who they believe is at fault for the accident.
    • Never admit fault in an accident – In some cases, people will apologize or admit fault to an accident they did not cause. If you admit fault, it could impact any compensation you may be entitled to in the future.
    • Collect important evidence – Evidence is substantial in building a strong case. Photographs of the accident scene and any injuries you endured, as well as witness statements, are important documentation that can be used in a lawsuit.
    • Seek medical attention – It’s in your best interest to seek medical attention after a wreck. Even if you assume you were not injured, a medical professional can evaluate you to ensure you’re healthy.
    • Do not agree to sign any paperwork – Never sign any paperwork without first consulting a lawyer. Signing paperwork without legal advice may impact any compensation you’re entitled to.
    • Contact an attorney – Car accident cases consist of crucial details that need to be reviewed by an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. An attorney can evaluate all the aspects of your case and help you understand what legal options are available.

How to Safely Navigate Dangerous Roadways

Despite the numerous wrecks that do occur on highways, there are ways drivers can help reduce the number of collisions that happen on the roadways.

  • Be a defensive driver – It’s important to pay attention to what other drivers are doing. Be aware of your surroundings, and don’t assume the other driver is going to make the right decision.
  • Obey all safety laws – In many cases, drivers who cause accidents failed to obey traffic laws, which can lead to serious accidents. It’s vital for you to follow all traffic laws, to help keep yourself and other motorists safe.
  • Never drive distracted – Distracted driving can include texting, talking on the phone, eating, and changing the radio station. It’s vital to completely focus on driving while behind the wheel.

Why Justice Matters to Our Team

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Childs Bishop & White was built on a strong belief that injured individuals deserve justice. We understand that car accident cases can be time-consuming and complicated to understand without legal advice. Compensation may be available for what you endured, however, our team will need to review your case. We will also handle the insurance company while you focus on recovery.

Our attorneys take pride in helping those injured in accidents that weren’t their fault by ensuring they have strong legal representation. You deserve the same representation that many Odessa residents have experienced from our law firm, however, every case is unique and results may vary depending on the circumstances of your case.

If you or someone you know has suffered at the hands of a careless driver, it’s time for you to call our Odessa car accident attorneys. We have the resources and experience to handle your car accident case. Call us today at (432) 580-5421 or fill out our free consultation form.