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Important Safety Tips For Motorcyclists

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Spring is a good time of year to focus on motorcycle safety. More motorcyclists will head out on the road in the spring and summer months and unfortunately, this means more collisions. Odessa motorcycle accident lawyer, Childs Bishop & White, are providing the following tips so motorcyclists stay safe.

Tips for Car Drivers

  • Look for motorcycles. Many drivers look for an absence of cars when they are about to make a turn, but fail to notice a motorcycle. Be aware they are on the road in the spring and summer months and make a point to look for them.
  • Give them space. They can stop faster than a car can. Allow plenty of room so you can react appropriately.
  • Avoid distracted driving. You are more likely to not see a motorcycle if you are busy texting, talking on the phone, tending to the children or otherwise distracted. If you focus on the road, you have a much higher chance of seeing a motorcycle and avoiding an accident.
  • Keep in mind that an accident that would be minor between two cars (such as a fender bender) can result in serious injury for a motorcyclist. Therefore, it is important to make the effort to avoid a collision.

Tips for Motorcycle Riders

  • Try to increase your visibility by wearing brightly colored clothing.
  • Always wear your helmet to reduce the chance of a serious injury if you do end up in an accident.
  • Stay out of the blind spot of vehicles.
  • Assume you won’t be seen by other drivers. Many accidents occur when a car turns left in front of a motorcycle because they didn’t see the motorcycle. Pay attention to what other vehicles are doing and look for signs they are going to turn, such as wheel movement.
  • Don’t drink and ride. Your chance of fatality increases significantly if you consume alcohol and then ride your motorcycle.
  • Ride at a pace you are comfortable with. Don’t try to keep up with other riders.
  • Slow down when approaching a turn and then speed back up when coming out of the turn.
  • Avoid lane-splitting in a traffic jam. Cars drivers don’t know to anticipate it, so they could suddenly open a door or switch lanes without seeing you approaching.

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