Fatal Car-Pedestrian Accident in Midland

A notice of pedestrians in Midland TX On Saturday, Feb. 4, a Midland man was hit and killed by an SUV. Police are now investigating the terrible tragedy as a homicide.

Neighbors who witnessed the accident first-hand described the event to News West 9.

“It was really, really loud,” six-year-old Mallory said.

“Like somebody hit a car,” her grandmother, Ofelia Lujan said.

Lujan had just gotten home Saturday afternoon in the 1200 block of East Parker when her granddaughter started screaming for her.

“Grandma! Grandma! Something happened!” Mallory shouted to her grandmother, “A man got run over by a truck!”

Mallory was standing by the front door of her house and witnessed the entire thing.

“He was walking on the street and he saw the car and he was on the side and then he got on the sidewalk,” Mallory said. “It went real, real hard and it was speeding and it ran over the man.”

Little Mallory said she saw the victim’s body tossed in the air.

The victim was identified as a 28-year-old Midland man.

Police reported that it was a 19-year-old acquaintance of the man who was behind the wheel of the car that struck him.

Investigators were out on Saturday night for a few hours retracing the tracks of that vehicle. The tracks look like they started in front of one driveway and traveled westbound down Parker St.

That’s when an Expedition came up onto the curb in front of a mailbox and slammed into the pedestrian. The man’s body landed in front of a white car.

The Ford Expedition lost a tire, but its operator kept driving down Parker St. before his vehicle finally came to a stop in front of another home.

Ofelia looked out the window, then ran over to the hit-and-run victim.

“He said ‘Help, help help!'” Ofelia said. “I didn’t know what to do.”

“All the people were telling him not get up,” Mallory said. “They got a gallon of water and towel. Everything, everything was cut on his forehead.”

The man later died at Midland Memorial Hospital.

The Midland Police Department hasn’t released any specific details about the accident.

The driver of the Expedition is currently at the Midland County Jail facing murder charges.

“Oh my God, why did he do that? Why did he have the nerve to do that?” Ofelia said. “It’s a human, you know. I feel so sorry for the man.”

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chrisFatal Car-Pedestrian Accident in Midland

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