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Getting More Familiar With Driverless Cars

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The technology involved in making driverless vehicles is truly revolutionary, and some of the self-driving cars being created are already flawless drivers. However, it may still be a while before the public can start taking advantage of these vehicles as manufactures like Google work out the kinks. One problem is that automated cars are perfect drivers though conditions on the roads are far from perfect.

Machines vs. Humans

Human motorists skirt rules, have slower response times and make mistakes, so it is sometimes difficult for self-driving vehicles to smoothly integrate themselves into the flow of traffic. For example, Google’s automated cars follow the laws exactly, which means they travel at the speed limit on highways while other vehicles speed past them.

Why Crashes Occur

Self-driving cars are supposed to save lives and reduce car accidents but currently have accident rates twice as high as regular vehicles. However, the driverless vehicles have never been responsible for the wrecks that have occurred, which were all minor. In most cases, aggressive or distracted drivers have rear-ended these vehicles.

The Dilemma

Car programmers must now decide whether to let the vehicles break the law in some instances. Ideally, programmers want the vehicles to follow the laws while being as aggressive as a safe human driver.

When You Are Involved

While auto makers work out issues with self-driving cars, you have options when human error causes a car accident. Those who suffer injuries can file a personal injury suit against a responsible driver, and an auto accident attorney in Odessa could help ensure that one receives fair compensation.

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