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Halloween Safety Tips To Keep In Mind This Year

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It’s that time of year! Halloween is just around the corner, and we’re guessing your kids couldn’t be more excited. There’s no doubt that carving pumpkins, picking out the perfect costumes, and collecting candy from the neighbors will be a blast for your whole family. To make sure you make the best memories possible on the big day, follow these seven simple tips for keeping your family safe and happy on Halloween.

1.    Inspect All Candy Before Eating It

Feed your kids before you leave for trick-or-treating, and tell them not to eat their candy before you’re all home. Once you’re done for the night, sort through your children’s loot: Throw away any sweets that have been opened, and discard any treats that haven’t been tightly wrapped by the candy company.

If you notice anything strange about your candy—for example, torn packing or small pinholes in its wrappers—call the police or Poison Control Center.

2.    Avoid Homemade Treats

Although it’s a sweet gesture for your neighbors to take the time to bake treats, beware of any homemade goods your child might collect. It’s impossible to know exactly what went into these treats, and unless they come from a person you trust, you might feel uneasy letting your kids snack on them. Additionally, if your kids have food allergies or dietary restrictions, it’s risky to feed them baked goods you can’t be sure about the ingredients of.

3.    Beware of Choking Hazards

Jawbreakers and gumballs are just a couple of candies that can pose choking hazards to your children. Hard candies, peanuts, and small toys can also be dangerous. Be especially careful to keep small candies and objects away from kids under five.

4.    Keep Treats Away From Your Dog

It’s fairly common knowledge that chocolate is extremely hazardous to dogs. But did you know your pet should also avoid raisins and macadamia nuts? Be sure to keep all these foods away from your dog, as they can be toxic even in minimal amounts.

5.    Be Careful with Costume Makeup

Only dress your face up with paint that is intended for your skin, and follow all the directions on the makeup packaging carefully. Avoid putting any makeup near your eyes, and wash all makeup off before going to sleep. Wearing it all night might bother your skin, give you a rash or irritate your eyes.

6.    Walk Against Traffic

If you’re trick-or-treating in an area that doesn’t have sidewalks, make sure you are walking towards oncoming cars rather than in the same direction they’re driving. This is the correct side of the street to walk on and allows you see traffic early enough to move out of the way. If someone in your family is ever injured, contact a Midland personal injury attorney to ensure you receive proper treatment and compensation.

7.    Use the “Buddy System”

If you’re trick-or-treating in a large group, use the buddy system. Assign each child a “buddy” and make sure they always have their eyes on each other. The “buddy system” helps prevent a child from wandering off or getting left behind.

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