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How Being Hurt In A Car Accident Impacts Your Life

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Car accidents aren’t just terrifying and stressful. When you are injured in an auto accident, it can turn your entire world upside down. Added to the other problems you face, which can range from relationship issues to not being able to pay your basic bills, are low-balling insurance agencies and the pain you face every day. Consider the ways that being hurt in a car accident can impact your life, and why having a personal injury lawyer is so important.

When You’re Hurt in a Car Accident

When you’re hurt in a car accident, you can face a very long road to recovery. You may not even notice the injuries right away; they can sometimes take weeks to manifest. The injuries you face might not even all be physical. Make no mistake; this is a life-changing experience, and you need the ability to really focus on getting well again. Demanding compensation for your recovery isn’t greed—it’s what you need to do to get better and recapture some normal enjoyment of life.

Physical Injuries

The physical injuries alone from a car accident can be far-reaching. They can range from whiplash, cuts, bumps and bruises to long-term disabling injuries. You could lose mobility in your limbs and even be crippled from the incident. Pain can be persistent and debilitating. It can require months or even years of doctor’s visits, operations, physical therapy and rehabilitation to regain what you lost, and some people never do.

The ways in which this changes your life cannot be quantified. Suddenly, any free time and work you once were able to do are replaced by monthly or weekly doctor’s visits and daily work to just try to get through the pain and lost capabilities.

Emotional Damages

Emotional damages are the hidden harm from accident injuries, and one that too many people dismiss. You might suffer from anguish, anxiety, or flashbacks (post-traumatic stress disorder), and even rage and depression or severe mood swings. It can affect your sleep and ultimately exacerbate other health problems.

Emotional pain can cost you relationships with your loved ones and your ability to cope with the basic stresses of daily life. In many cases, these damages can last far beyond the physical hurt, and many people around you may not understand what’s going on, which only makes it harder.

Financial Struggles

Medical and psychological treatment costs money. If you’re unable to work from an accident, you’re watching bills pile up, and you’ve got no way to pay them. Suddenly, all those physical injuries hurt more and the emotional damages are more crushing. What can you do? All you want to do is get better and get your life back, but you can’t even pay your rent now.

Call A Personal Injury Attorney

The absolute best thing you can do when hurt in an auto accident is to call a qualified personal injury attorney. Attorneys know exactly how to deal with the low-ball tactics from insurance companies and attempts by the party who hurt you to avoid payment. They know how to get you compensation for all of your injuries, from medical treatments for the physical injury to coverage for your emotional damages and loss of relationships, as well as the loss of wages and potential that hit you financially.

Best of all, by having an attorney in your corner, not only do you have someone who will fight tooth and nail for your rights, but you’re not increasing the financial burden because there won’t be a fee unless your attorney wins the case. In the end, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by hiring a lawyer to fight for you. Take some time to read more about West Texas car accidents, and drop us a line for more information and a no-obligation, totally free consultation about your case today.