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How To Avoid Pool Accidents This Summer

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If you’re a pool owner, you know how refreshing a quick dip in the pool can be during the hottest months of the year. What you might not realize is that pools can also be a huge liability for homeowners should someone get hurt, possibly costing you a great deal of money that you cannot afford to lose. Protecting yourself from liability and avoiding accidents is paramount in enjoying your pool all summer long. Robert White, Attorney at Law, shares how to avoid pool accidents this summer and why you need legal representation if you are facing a personal injury suit.

Be a Responsible Pool Owner and Avoid Homeowner Liability Suits

The most common legal actions resulting from a pool injury are homeowner liability suits. These cases deal with circumstances where the homeowner’s negligence caused the injury to someone using their pool. Homeowner liability lawsuits commonly involve a lack of security around the pool, such as a fence or a gate used to prevent unwanted visitors from using the pool without the owner’s knowledge. Some of these cases may also involve improperly constructed pools that may have resulted in the dangerous conditions that caused the injury.

While your pool is under construction, it is important that you consult your pool builder, as well as a premises liability attorney, about how to best accident-proof your pool and lessen your likelihood of a homeowner liability lawsuit.

 Make Sure The Area Around Your Pool Is Safe

Slip and fall accidents are some of the most frequent types of accidents related to pools. Making sure that the area directly surrounding your pool is free of standing water, and equipped with non-slip surfacing, is imperative in keeping yourself and any guest to your pool safe throughout the summer. If someone does suffer from a slip and fall accident at your pool, and it is deemed to have resulted from your negligence as a pool owner, it is possible that you will face a very costly liability lawsuit. Taking the proper safety measure before such an incident occurs is the smart choice for cautious homeowners.

 Protect Vulnerable Children Who Might Be Hurt by Your Pool

If a person trespasses onto your property to use your pool and is injured while doing so, you will most likely not be held liable. In some states, however, there is something known as an ‘attractive nuisance’ loophole that may apply in certain cases. This loophole specifically applies to structures like pools and playgrounds that are enticing to children. If you have such a structure in your backyard that is unsecured, and a child is injured, then you may be vulnerable to a pool liability claim. Installing reasonable obstacles that will prevent unattended children from accessing your pool is a good way to protect yourself from attractive nuisance liability cases.

 Get Extra Liability Coverage to Protect Yourself

When you are a homeowner, preparing for the worst case scenario is always a good decision. Although your homeowner insurance policy may contain some swimming pool liability coverage, it might not be enough to protect you if someone is injured while using your pool. Purchasing a dedicated pool insurance liability policy is a good idea in protecting yourself and your financial interests in the event of a pool accident. No matter how many precautions you take, accidents do happen, which is why it is important to be ready for these circumstances.

 Consult a Lawyer About Protecting Yourself from Pool Accidents

Summer is a fun time where your friends and family will all try and beat the heat by using your pool. However, while fun, pools can also be a serious liability when you are a homeowner. People can get seriously injured with little to no warning, often leaving you legally responsible and in a precarious financial position. To protect yourself from liability suits stemming from pool accidents this summer, you need the expert legal representation from the attorneys at Robert White, Attorney at Law. We can advise you on the best way to protect yourself from liability suits, as well as represent you should someone be injured using your pool. Contact us today to schedule your pool liability consultation.