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What You Need To Know To Drive Safely Through The Rain in Odessa

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We’re entering a time of year when road conditions are at their worst. Even when it’s not snow and ice, during the warmer times of the winter, we have to deal with a lot of heavy rain and wind. These conditions can be just as dangerous and deadly as those caused by sleet and frozen roadways.

It’s important to understand how to be safe in this kind of inclement weather. Learn some tips and tricks for driving safely through heavy rain, wind, and tough weather, and how a qualified car accident lawyer can help when tragedy strikes.

Poor Visibility

One of the biggest dangers of heavy rain is the loss of visibility. You won’t be able to see nearly as far or clearly in the rain as you can in clear weather. Be sure to allow for the various problems that accompany the inability to clearly see.


Hydroplaning is a major danger in wet weather, and you’d be surprised how little rain has to fall to create this hazard. When you drive too fast in wet conditions, your tires can actually elevate off the pavement, traveling on a cushion of water between the ground and you. When this happens you lose traction and grip, and you can have a lot of trouble braking and steering. It can even result in fishtailing and loss of vehicular control.

Take It Slow

The best and really only way to keep yourself safe in inclement weather is to slow down your vehicle. Just because you see a Speed Limit sign indicating 50 mph, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to go that fast. That speed limit is for perfect and dry conditions, not conditions of tricky weather.

When you go fast, not only are you at risk of hydroplaning, but rain brings oil to the surface of the road which makes the road itself slick and makes it, in turn, harder to steer and brake. Just take it slow. Better to arrive late than never.

Turn on Your Headlights

You need to think about other vehicles as well as your own control. If other vehicles can’t see you, they can’t avoid you. Turn on your headlights to help others see you, even if it’s broad daylight. Some states even require this by law, which is why many vehicles have daytime running lights now.

However, don’t use your high beams. Your high beams can reflect off of the rain and blind you. Running lights or low beams are plenty to improve visibility for you and others.

Space and Time

Give yourself plenty of space and time to maneuver and stop. Generally speaking, it can take your car two to three times as long to stop in slippery conditions as normal. This translates into roughly an extra two seconds of time, so give a little more space between you and the next car.

Car Accident Lawyer

Sometimes, no matter how safe you are, other drivers behave irresponsibly and you end up hurt in an accident that’s not your fault. When this occurs, you’re entitled to compensation for your financial and emotional losses and injuries. To get the compensation you deserve, however, you need representation from a qualified and experienced car accident lawyer.

An attorney will be able to stand up to insurance company payment-avoidance tactics and get you the compensation you deserve. If you’re in this situation and you live in the Odessa region, we are ready to help. Give us a call today for a free consultation and review of the details of your case.