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How To File A Car Accident Insurance Claim

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It goes without saying:  an individual filing an automobile liability claim, that is minor in nature, will find the entire process not very complicated. A significant tip, offered by our firm, is that the passenger car owner, involved in the car crash, take photos of the damages to his or her automobile, directly after the accident has occurred. The pictures are best taken prior to the passenger automobile driver discussing the details of the accident with his or her automobile insurance representative. Additionally, prior to the vehicle owner, speaking to the insurance representative, he or she is wise to look over his policy very carefully. Once the preceding two steps are addressed–that is, the pictures taken, showing the extent of damages to the car involved in the accident, and the policy reviewed, it is time for the automobile policyholder to call his or her representative.

It is important for the insurance policyholder to not delay when calling his or her representative about the accident which he or she is involved:  Some persons are known as procrastinators and such persons delay many tasks in life. One area no one, procrastinator or not, will wish to delay is contacting his or her insurance representative or provider after the occurrence of an automobile accident. The most important reason in not delaying such a process is that there is, legally, a typical limitation from the date of the accident as to filing of the claim to the date the claim expires. In most instances, the limitation to file an automobile claim, after a serious accident, is generally one year from the date of the accident. The preceding statement holds generally true:  however, the limitation time can vary–according to the details of the policy. The best course, then, as it applies to limitations with filing the claim is for the driver of the passenger vehicle, involved in the accident, to look specifically within his or her policy for the deadline date. It is very important that the policyholder not miss his or her window of opportunity, in filing the claim. If he or she misses the deadline, there is usually no recourse of action to take, once the deadline is missed and the claim is denied.

Lastly, if a person involved in an automobile accident has spent a great deal of time-fighting with his or her automobile insurer, in order to receive proper reimbursement with respect to the automobile accident wherein he or she has suffered damages and/or injuries, then it is time for him or her to seek the help of an automobile accident attorney. In other words, if a fair amount of time has gone by–around nine months, for example, and the insurance company seems to be thwarting the efforts of the policyholder in receiving compensation for the claim, then a knowledgeable and experienced auto accident attorney in Odessa is the solution.

Our firm is experienced in fighting for the passenger vehicle owner, pertinent to his or her receiving a fair and adequate settlement with respect to an automobile accident. Any owner, of an automobile, that has been experiencing issues in receiving compensation with regard to an automobile accident insurance claim which he or she has filed is encouraged to contact us as soon as possible. We offer a free consultation, and provide the policyholder, experiencing difficulties in getting a claim resolved, expeditiously, all legal options available, as it applies to the circumstances surrounding his or her individual case.