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Everything You Need To Know If You’ve Been Injured on a Construction Site in Odessa

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One of the highest risk locations that exist today are construction sites. However, although you might not realize it, construction sites are as equally dangerous to the public as they are to the people working on them. A small mistake in construction or a lack of safety precautions can lead to falling debris and other dangerous scenarios that can cause a major hazard to anyone near the construction site, sometimes leading to major injuries that are eligible for a lawsuit.

If you’ve been hurt at a construction site, read about your options for filing a personal injury suit with the help of the right local attorney.

How Falling Debris Can Occur

There are several ways that falling debris can occur at a construction site, all of which may cause a serious injury that can result in major medical bills and an inability to work. When planning your personal injury lawsuit, identifying the cause of your injury is an important step, which means it’s important to learn potential causes.

One major cause of injury is failing to notify the public that construction is occurring, causing innocent bystanders to pass through dangerous construction zones unknowingly. Another typical cause is the failure to take adequate safety precautions, such as not securing debris or heavy tools, resulting in a person getting hurt at a construction site.

Winning Your Personal Injury Case

Once you’ve identified the cause of your construction site injury, your next step will be gathering the evidence necessary to win your case. Typically, there are three major facts that you will need to prove to have any shot at the compensation that you need and deserve.

First and foremost, you must demonstrate that the construction site had a duty to keep you safe. However, this can be difficult because it is not always immediately clear who is responsible for safety at a construction site. A good personal injury attorney should be able to help you identify who is responsible for securing a construction site.

Secondly, once you’ve identified the at-fault party, you will need to prove that the person breached their duty to keep the public safe, whether by not providing safety notification or failing to prevent falling debris.

Finally, and most importantly, you must be able to show you suffered demonstrable harm due to the falling debris. The most typical areas where you could seek to demonstrate harm can include medical bills due to injury, the inability to work because of these injuries, or loss of life if you’re filing your claim on behalf of someone who is deceased as a result of a construction site accident.

Protect Yourself After You’ve Been Hurt at a Construction Site

No matter the extent of your injuries after you’ve been hurt at a construction site, you deserve compensation to help you recover. Before you file your personal injury lawsuit, you need to get advice from a personal injury attorney like Robert White, Attorney at Law.

The compassionate dedicated legal professionals at Childs Bishop & White PC are ready to help you plan your construction site injury lawsuit and to fight on your behalf. Learn more about our services today and discover how Robert White and his team can help you.