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I Got Sick On A Cruise Ship, Do I Have Legal Options?

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In the cold of the winter, many of us dream about getting away to warmer climates, which is why so many people plan cruises when the temperature starts to drop. However, while on a cruise, it’s possible that you might come down with a serious illness, running your plans for a fun, tropical getaway. After contracting an illness on a cruise most people are focused on recovery, which is why they fail to realize that their illness may be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

Read about how you can file a personal injury lawsuit after a cruise ship illness and find out why you should hire an injury lawyer to handle your case.

Find the Cause of Your Illness

The most important thing that you can do after you’ve gotten sick on a cruise ship is to track down the cause of your illness. Not every illness is eligible for a lawsuit, and some, such as the stomach flu, are contracted and healed so quickly that proving fault is almost impossible. There are certain illnesses, however, that can only be spread due to negligent actions, leaving an opening for a lawsuit.

For instance, Legionnaire’s Disease, a common cruise ship illness, relies on certain conditions to thrive, and on a cruise ship, these conditions could only arise through negligence. Another cruise ship illness that may allow you to file a lawsuit is food poisoning, which usually occurs after the food has been mishandled or stored at unsafe temperatures.

Overcoming the Obstacle of Proving Fault

The biggest obstacle that you will face in winning your cruise ship lawsuit and getting the compensation that you’re looking for is being able to prove fault. Evidence in cruise ship illness cases is often in short supply, which means you’ll have to be diligent about looking for ways to prove your case.

A good start is to try and connect with other passengers on your cruise ship to see the extent of the illness. If you’re the only one who got sick, proving fault will be tough, but if you can demonstrate an outbreak, you’ll have a good shot at winning your case. Additionally, you can examine the actions of the cruise ship staff for signs of negligence. Out of the ordinary cleaning efforts or the mass disposal of food may be indicators of fault that could help with your suit.

Filing a Suit is Time Sensitive

Although it’s important that you carefully plan your cruise ship injury suit, it’s equally important that you don’t wait too long to file your case. Personal injury suits, like most legal cases, come with a statute of limitations that prevents you from filing a suit after it has expired. While it can vary from cases to case, the usual statute for a personal injury suit is between two and six years.

If you have questions about the statute of limitations in your case, you should be sure to consult with a knowledgeable injury lawyer.

Ask for Advice from an Injury Lawyer

After your dream cruise has been ruined due to an unexpected illness, you may be entitled to recompense if you can prove fault. Get the legal help you deserve by hiring an experienced injury lawyer like Robert White, Attorney at Law. Robert White and his experienced legal team can examine your case and help you plan a strategy for a successful suit. Schedule a consultation today.