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Do I Need To Tell My Insurance Company About My Minor Odessa, TX, Car Accident?

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Car accidents truly stressful situations. Even if your accident was minor, there is still the worry that comes from having to deal with an insurance company. Because insurance claims cause so many people anxiety, it is normal to wonder if you absolutely must notify your insurer of a minor accident.

After you’ve been involved in a minor car accident, it’s almost always a good idea to tell your insurer about your wreck, in case a claim becomes necessary by any involved party (including yourself). Learn the circumstances where you need to tell your insurance about a car accident and find out why you should hire a car accident lawyer.

Don’t Miss the Filing Deadline

Many people don’t realize that informing your insurance company about an accident, even a minor one, is a time sensitive matter. In your insurance policy, there will almost always be a limit on how long you have to notify your insurance company and file a claim. Although it can vary from policy to policy, you will usually only have 72 hours to inform your insurer of an accident.

It’s important to understand that once this time limit has expired, it will be very difficult for you to successfully file a claim against your insurance.

When Informing Your Insurer Can’t Be Avoided

While you may think circumstances might allow you to avoid telling your insurer about an accident, in the vast majority of scenarios your insurer must be notified immediately. It becomes especially important to inform your insurer about an accident when an injury or property damage has occurred. It doesn’t matter how minor the damage in either of these situations; your insurer needs to know.

Additionally, you have to tell your insurance company about an accident when there is a good chance that a claim will be filed. This can be either a claimed filed by you (first-party) or a claim filed by someone else involved in the accident (third-party). As soon as you know a claim will be filed, contact your insurer.

Be Careful When Interacting with Insurance Companies

When you report your accident to your insurance company, honesty is the key to a successful claim. You will most likely speak to a representative or a claims adjuster, both of which can record the facts of your case. As fully as possible, detail how your accident occurred, when and where it occurred and any injuries or damages that resulted.

While you should be honest when dealing with an insurance company other than your own, it’s crucial that you tread carefully. The other insurer will be working in the interests of the other party, not you. Before you file a claim or talk with an insurance company, you need to speak with a car accident attorney.

Report Your Wreck with the Help of a Car Accident Lawyer

When you’re preparing to inform your insurance company of a car accident, you need to go over your case with Robert White, a car accident lawyer. The attorneys at Child, Bishop & White PC, understand how to deal with your insurance company so that you get the compensation you need after your car accident.

Request a consultation with Robert White or one of our other excellent attorneys today.