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What If My Odessa, TX, Car Accident Injuries Don’t Show Up Right Away?

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Damages resulting from a car accident can run the gamut from light or minor botherations to the traumatic or potentially fatal. In either case, even light accidents can lead to expensive repair bills and maintenance costs. Additionally, if you have suffered a physical injury as well, you should definitely get in touch with a personal injury attorney right away to seek the proper compensation.

Sometimes injuries from a car accident do not show up right away, which can complicate legal matters. Moreover, some people wait too long to diagnose their injuries, leading to more issues during the claims process. Attorney Robert White would rather avoid these distractions so that you can get your life back on track, and you can start by reading the following information.

Body Chemicals Can Delay Your Reactions

Your body produces many different chemicals when stirred suddenly to action, and immediately after a car accident, you will likely have quite a bit of adrenaline or endorphins pumping away. These chemicals can have such an effect that you do not even feel pain.

Depending on the type of injury you sustained, it might be minutes or days before you really start to feel something off in your body. If you have exerted yourself since the accident, you might even have made matters worse for yourself before you even knew it.

General Rule: Always See a Doctor Following a Car Accident

Since you do not want to aggravate potential injury, it is important that you always see a doctor after a car accident. After all, doctors are trained to see the problems we cannot, and if you begin to feel some discomfort, doctors will be able to prescribe you medication in addition to keeping valid medical records that you can use in a future personal injury lawsuit.

Keep in mind as well that if you do not see a doctor soon after a car accident, it is very easy for an insurance company to claim that you were never injured.

Examples of Injuries That Do Not Show Up Right Away

The following two injuries are incredibly common in car accident cases, and you might not even know you have sustained these injuries until well after the fact.


Concussions are caused when the brain hits the inside of your skull, causing swelling and potentially bleeding. If left untreated, a concussion can be very serious, and should you have difficulty concentrating or if you are suffering from headaches following a crash, you might have a concussion.

Soft Tissue Injury

Soft tissue damage occurs in your fine muscles, ligaments, and tendons. These injuries will not necessarily show up right away, but they will ultimately limit mobility while causing noticeable pain.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney to Learn More

Attorney Robert White does not want to see you suffer because of exploited legal loopholes in your claims process. By contacting one of his representatives, instead you can get a seasoned professional on the case, freeing up your time to be spent exactly where it needs to be: on getting better.