Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Odessa

What You Should Know About Wrongful Death Lawsuits In Odessa, Texas

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When a family member dies in a sudden, unforeseen accident, the consequences are going to be devastating no matter who you are. Making matters worse is knowing that the accident that claimed your loved one’s life could have been easily avoided. Now your whole family has been turned on its head, and the transition is often too much to handle. Fortunately, there are legal options available to you as you look at what is next. One of these is getting in touch with a wrongful death lawyer to pursue a claim.

Based in Odessa, Texas, attorney Robert White and his legal team have seen many wrongful death cases over the years, and we know firsthand how tough it can be trying to piece your life back together. Therefore, instead of trying to tackle the court system on your own, you should have someone on your side who can get you the fair settlement that your family needs. Take a look at the following information to help you decide whether or not to pursue a wrongful death case in Odessa.

What is a Wrongful Death Case?

For anyone thinking about submitting a wrongful death case in Texas, you should know the basics behind the process. First of all, if you think you might have a wrongful death case on your hands, you should look to pursue it actively as soon as possible. Otherwise, if you wait too long, you might not be allowed to submit the case. You should also understand that, according to state law, a wrongful death occurs when the actions or negligence of other individuals contributed to the deceased’s passing.

If your case meets this relatively broad condition, you might want to consider taking it to a wrongful death lawyer who will then advise you on a course of action to take going forward.

What Damages Can You Claim?

There are quite a good number of damages available to you in a wrongful death case, and you are entitled to claim more depending on the circumstances surrounding the death and costs incurred as a result. These expenses include everything from hospital and medical bills to funeral and burial costs. You could even sue for lost wages, especially if the deceased was head of the household.

Damages are typically awarded first to the surviving spouse and children. If there is neither a spouse nor any children, damages will go to the parents of the deceased, and if not parents then siblings, other extended family members, and so on.

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A wrongful death will create many costs that most families are simply not prepared to handle. Should you, therefore, find yourself in this situation, it might be in your best interest to reach out to a wrongful death lawyer at the offices of attorney Robert White.

For further information on what a lawyer could do for you or to hear more about the legal process of pursuing a wrongful death case, contact one of our representatives today to set up an appointment.