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No matter the circumstance, the death of a loved one forever alters the lives of his or her family members. But when that loved one is killed by the deliberate or negligent act of another person or persons it’s considered a ‘wrongful death.’ Midland wrongful death lawsuits can be filed by the victim’s surviving family members or beneficiaries, and the money they’re awarded can go toward covering medical and funeral costs. Wrongful deaths can be caused by dangerous products, oil field accidents, and countless other hazards, but in West Texas the most common cause is fatal vehicle accidents.

Sunday night saw a tragic loss of life on a Midland highway when a 57-year-old was struck by a tractor trailer. The man was heading from his Midland office to another work site when the commercial truck accident occurred. The man was killed at the scene and has left behind six young children. An educational fund has been set up for the kids in the victim’s honor, but will it be enough?

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Unfortunately this story isn’t uncommon when it comes to Midland wrongful deaths. Sudden deaths always affect more than the victims. If the victim was the primary source of income for their family, their spouse and children can be left to struggle to support themselves. Often it’s not even about the money but making sure that justice is served to hopefully deter similar negligence in the future so that other families won’t have to suffer the same devastation.

Midland Wrongful Death Lawyer

Midland personal injury lawyer Robert White makes a special investment when building a West Texas wrongful death case. If you’ve had a loved one killed by the negligence or maliciousness of another person, you have the right to pursue money damages, and Robert White can help.

Texas wrongful death laws can be confusing. So in order to get the compensation you really deserve you’ll need the assistance of an experienced Midland wrongful death attorney. Robert White knows Texas law, he knows wrongful death lawsuits, and he knows what it takes to get you the maximum compensation.

Get the closure your family deserves after your loved one is killed. Contact Robert White and let him get started on your Midland wrongful death claim today with a free legal consultation.

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Robert WhiteMore Than Just the Victims are Affected | Midland Wrongful Death Lawyers

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