Odessa Injury Attorney Question: Are You Aware Of What You Post On Social Media?

Odessa Injury Attorney Question: Are You Aware Of What You Post On Social Media?

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Many of us know that everything we post online can be public, and one of it will ever really disappear when we delete it. Who wants their statuses, photos, and other personal information made public after it has been posted online? More than likely, the answer is no one.

Even the pieces of information you think are harmless can cause serious problems for you if you are part of a personal injury lawsuit. Some people do not even think about what they are posting on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, they just post them without even thinking. However, we have to be aware that insurance companies and other people in the legal system are looking for ways to use social media evidence against you.

What if you are involved in a car accident and suffer an injury to your arm? You decide that you want to receive compensation for your injuries, so you file a lawsuit. However, without even thinking you post statuses and pictures of you on a vacation with some of your friends. You are smiling and having fun in those photos.

What happens if someone from the insurance companies runs across those photos? Those photos you thought were so innocent can be used against you as evidence that you do not need to be compensated because you are having fun and you do not seem to be hurt. Nothing can be wrong with you if you are on vacation with your friends, right? The insurance company may even say you filed a false claim.

If they do decide to compensate you, you will receive much lower than you were seeking, and you could face more consequences if they think you filed your claim under false pretenses. When you are part of a personal injury or work-related injury case, you should never make a false claim about injuries.

Even if you are really injured, you could still smile in your photos because you want the picture to look good enough to post. However, the insurance company can still turn it around to make it seem as if you are faking. If you are involved in a personal injury case, you should not do the following on social media:

  • Accept friend requests from anyone you may think has created a fake profile
  • Post pictures or comments about vacations, parties, and anything else that will give others a reason to make claims you are not hurt
  • Post anything about your injuries
  • Allow others to tag you in anything that could hurt your case

Anything that is publicly posted on social media can be used against you. You should check your privacy settings on all of your networks and change them to private. If you have been injured in an accident, you may want to stay away from social media for a while. You should also contact an Odessa injury attorney to find out about all of the options you have.

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