Odessa Man Killed in Moped Accident Last Week

An Odessa man was killed recently after a driver smashed into his moped in a residential neighborhood. 

About 5:45 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 15, a 66-year-old man was driving his Vespa moped down Candy Lane when he tried to make a left turn onto Kenwood Drive. Before he could complete his turn, a white Buick Regal slammed into the moped driver. 

After colliding with the moped, the Buick hit a car parked on the other side of the intersection before coming to a stop on the front lawn of a Candy Lane home. 

The moped driver, a Vietnam veteran who served with the U.S. Air Force, was pronounced dead at the scene. 

The accident was not only horrific, but confusing. Investigators with the Odessa Police Department continue to analyze evidence from the crash. The facts of the case are more difficult to discern than those relevant to a typical Odessa auto accident. Due to its size and weight, a moped can be knocked a significant distance away from the initial point of impact. Moreover, there was only one witness to the accident who was not directly involved in it and her account of the moment of collision slightly contradicts the physical evidence at the intersection. 

The cause of the accident is still indeterminate. One report from a local news organization claimed that the driver of the Buick ran a stop sign on Candy Lane.

Law enforcement officials, however, have yet to deliver an official statement regarding fault in the collision. 

A spokeswoman for the Odessa Police Department said that the Buick driver, a 16-year-old male, could have come to a complete stop and yet failed to yield right of way.

Odessa police did not issue a citation in the fatal accident. 

The Vespa driver was only weeks away from retirement when his life was cut short. He left behind his wife of over 40 years, five children, and 10 grandchildren. 

For the family and friends of the man who was killed, coming to terms with this devastating accident must be agonizing. That the facts of the fatal crash remain unclear likely amplifies the pain and anger they feel. Odessa police are currently working to digitally reconstruct the accident. Though the information illuminated by investigators’ findings might provide answers to some questions– Did the Buick driver fail to stop at the stop sign? How fast were both vehicles traveling when they collided? Was the collision head-on?– other questions will likely remain unanswered for the man’s loved ones. 

Why did he take that route? At that time? On that day?

What could have saved him?

How could this happen two-tenths of a mile from his own home?

Others in West Texas who have lost a friend or family in a senseless accident like this one on Candy Lane are likely haunted by similar questions. There is one question, however, that haunts every person who grieves a loved one’s loss: Why?

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