Railroad Crossing Stock Photo. Odessa Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Crash Involving Train

Odessa Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Crash Involving Train

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A pickup truck collided with a train in Midland on Saturday, July 17. According to a City of Midland press release, the accident occurred at approximately 5:19 p.m.

Pickup Truck Slides Onto Railroad Tracks

A Dodge Dakota pickup truck was northbound on Carver Street heading toward the railroad tracks. The 61-year-old male motorist allegedly approached the lowered crossing gate at an excessive speed. This caused the pickup to slide through the gate and on to the tracks. At that point, an eastbound train struck the Dodge Dakota, according to the Odessa American.

Injuries And Loss Of Life Reported

Authorities pronounced the man dead at the scene. Emergency personnel took two passengers, a 54-year-old female and a 54-year-old male, to Midland Memorial Hospital. Authorities reported that the woman was in critical condition, and the man was in serious condition.

Although the investigation into this truck-train accident is in its earliest stages, Texas state law accords those injured due to negligent conduct to seek compensation for a variety of losses, including lost wages, unpaid medical expenses and pain and suffering. In some cases, excessive speed constitutes evidence of negligence.

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