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On any given day, no matter how careful you are, there’s the chance that you will suffer an Odessa personal injury, whether it be from falling on a wet surface, tripping on a loose carpet, or being the innocent bystander of a car accident. Most people are correct in thinking accidents are an unfortunate side affect of being human and that most people just don’t go out with the intention of hurting someone. The CDC reports that over 34.9 million people will suffer an injury requiring medical attention. That means for every 1000 people, 114 are going to be injured in one way or another. Intentional or not, one thing is for certain-a lot of time and money are going to be spent by those suffering.

While time can never be recovered, one has the right to expect fair compensation for medical expenses and lost wages. In addition the cost of pain and suffering needs to be addressed. Bills from the doctors and hospital alone can run into tens of thousands of dollars. Lost wages can jeopardize a person’s financial stability often making it impossible to pay bills. Add this stress to the trauma already incurred and it could turn a bad situation into a tragedy.

Odessa personal injury lawyers detail the long-lasting effects of injury accidents.What Happens After You’ve Suffered a Personal Injury in Odessa, TX?

While the Odessa accident that caused the injuries may have been unintentional, justice dictates that the responsible party be held accountable. Insurance companies are not going to be of any help, they are only there to protect their client and will do whatever is necessary to avoid paying damages. The law gives the injured party the right to seek compensation, but the civil court system is a scary and complex place for those not familiar with its intricacies. Where does one turn for help?

Odessa Personal Injury Lawyer

Odessa serious injuries can happen in a number of circumstances including auto accidents, oil field accidents, dangerous products, and a number of other unfortunate situations. When the negligence or carelessness of another causes your injury, it shouldn’t be your responsibility to cover the costs of your medical bills or lost wages. Odessa, TX lawyer Robert White has proudly served the injured of West Texas for decades and is one of only 7000 Board Certified Injury Trial lawyers.

Robert White knows Texas law, he knows injury lawsuits, and he’ll fight to get you the money you deserve after your accident.

Don’t wait. Get the help you need and the maximum compensation you’re entitled to. Contact Odessa injury lawyer Robert White and let him get started on your accident claim today with a free case review.

Robert WhiteRamifications That Last a Lifetime | Odessa Personal Injury Lawyers

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