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How To Avoid Losing Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits

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When you start receiving workers’ compensation benefits, you may think no one will be able to touch your money. However, you should speak with an Odessa workers comp attorney to ensure, that as a person who has been injured and is unable to work, you are taking all the right steps to keep those benefits while you are going through the recovery process.

In order for you to keep receiving those benefits, we recommend that you take the following advice.

  • Do not get a job while you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits. It does not matter if you are not required to do heavy work, you should still not accept a job with another employer.
  • Go to all of your medical appointments. Do not make things difficult on yourself or your doctor. You do not have to agree with every single recommendation from your doctor, but you should not skip any of your appointments with your doctor.
  • Always plan for the future. Do not depend on workers’ compensation benefits to pay you forever; many claims end up being disputed. You will always need to be prepared. For many people, a settlement is preferred because it allows you to handle your physical rehab and medical rehab without having to answer to the insurance company.

There are other things you can do that can have a negative or positive impact on your workers’ compensation case. If you want to know if you have been doing the right things or if you need to file a workers’ compensation case, contact us today.