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Oil Field Accident Attorney Discusses Fatal West Texas Oil Rig Explosion

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On Wednesday, March 11, a spokesperson for Parsley Energy confirmed that an oil field explosion in Upton County took the lives of three workers. The accident occurred at a rig located approximately 40 miles south of Midland, near Ranklin.

Those that died were on a >pulling unit crew from Mason Well Service, a contractor based out of Odessa. The owner of the well, Parsley Energy, operates in Texas’ Permian Basin, one of the foremost shale oil sources in the nation.

OSHA Investigation to Follow

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) automatically investigates all fatal workplace accidents, so it will have investigators on-site to more fully determine what happened in this case. Although the specifics of this fatal accident are still forthcoming, well blow-outs can cause catastrophic accidents when underground pressure is too much for certain oil rigs.

The number of oil rigs in America has grown dramatically over the past decade as oil companies tap large deposits of shale oil and gas, and the number of oil field deaths in the United States has also increased over that time period.

Oil Field Accidents and Workers’ Compensation

Texas’ workers compensation laws typically cover fatalities and injuries resulting from oil field accidents. In some instances, the state’s personal injury statutes may also have relevance.

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