Oil Field Accident Attorney Discusses Recent Death from Falling Pipe

Oil Field Accident Attorney Discusses Recent Death From Falling Pipe

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News West 9 recently published an article on an oilfield worker who died in the course of his job when part of a steel pipe fell on him.

He leaves behind a grieving family, including young children.

The Hazard of Falling Objects in an Oilfield

Oilfield workers regularly face the risk of heavy objects falling on them. Some workers avoid catastrophe only by a narrow margin, when an object falls a few feet, or even just a few inches, away from them.

The objects include machinery or pieces of machinery, heavy cables, and a variety of construction parts or equipment, such as pipes. These objects can fall from a number of different heights surrounding workers, including platforms and ladders.

Even when they don’t result in death, these accidents can lead to serious injuries, including traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, and fractures. Workers not only need to deal with enormous medical bills; they might lose wages or the ability to work.

Did an Object Fall as a Result of Negligence?

When an object falls on a worker, it’s critical to ask why. The following are some of the potential causes to investigate:

  • The object wasn’t secured at all.
  • It wasn’t secured properly; the equipment used to secure it might have proved faulty or too weak to hold it in place.
  • The object fell because it was too heavy for the machine, cable or surface meant to keep it in place.
  • Workers remained unaware of the fact that there were objects overhead.

It’s also critical to look at the company’s safety record and whether there’s a history of similar incidents.

Even if the accident didn’t result from negligence, you might want to contact an oil field accident attorney. In addition to any possible civil suit, you also might have problems dealing with insurance companies. Your attorney can fight for you to receive the most compensation possible in the aftermath of a work accident.