Oil Field Workers Stock Photo. Oil Field Accident Attorney Discusses Recent Houston Trial

Oil Field Accident Attorney Discusses Recent Houston Trial

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A jury in Houston recently awarded a Texas family $29 million for a 2011 oil field services accident that killed 38-year-old Garland “Rickie” Kelley. According to a recent article from Petro Global News, Kelley died in January of 2011 after an industrial battery exploded at the facility he worked at in Conroe. Here are the details.

* In addition to $4 million in compensatory damages, the family was awarded $25 million in punitive damages.

* The family’s lawsuit was based on the company improperly heating the battery and that the battery was known to be defective at the time of the accident.

* In addition to gross negligence, the family’s suit stated that there was missing evidence about the blast.

* The company was found to have committed federal safety violations.

* The jury determined that the company was 80 percent to blame for the accident.

* The other 20 percent of blame was determined to be that of another defendant who settled with the family before the trial, the article stated.

Explosions are just one danger that oil field and oil field service workers face. Oil field accident attorney Robert White has had extensive experience in dealing with personal injury suits and the kinds of accidents that happen in the oil industry. Texas oil field workers risk their lives every day for the sake of a paycheck, and Attorney White is committed to ensuring that these companies are held accountable for any losses incurred.

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