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Our Auto Accident Attorneys Discuss Holiday Travel Collisions

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The number of auto accidents increases during the holiday season. This is an unfortunate fact. No one wants their holiday plans cancelled due to a car accident. No one wants to be hospitalized during the holiday season because they were injured in a car accident. Consider the following reasons accident rates are higher during the holidays.

  1. More cars are on the road and many of those cars are driving long distances. According to Forbes the average Christmas or New Year’s road trip is 275 miles!
  2. Drivers are fatigued. Many people are trying to get to their destination as quickly as possible. This means they may not be making overnight stops to rest. Driving tired is dangerous and a frequent cause of car accidents.
  3. Drivers are under the influence. People often celebrate the holidays with food and drinks. Unfortunately some will get behind the wheel after drinking too much and end up causing a car accident. Forbes indicated that the last two weeks of December the rate of alcohol-impaired crashes for 21 to 24 year olds is significantly higher than the remainder of the year. Unfortunately many of these accidents result in a fatality.

To avoid a car accident this holiday season take the following steps:

  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • Don’t get in the car with a driver that has been drinking.
  • If you will be travelling a long distance break up the trip so the driver can get adequate rest.
  • Avoid texting and driving.

If you find you are unfortunately in a car accident over the holiday season don’t just quickly settle with the insurance company. Take the time to determine if the other driver was negligent. Were they drinking or driving recklessly? You may deserve a settlement for your injuries in addition to the damage done to your vehicle. Contact us to ensure you receive what you are entitled to.