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Parking Lot Safety Tips

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Unless you are one of those people who do all their holiday shopping early in the season, there is a good chance you still have some shopping to do. At the least, you will likely need to buy groceries soon. With many people rushing from one store to another, parking lots can be a dangerous place. Here are a few tips to keep you safe in parking lots this winter:

  • Before getting into your vehicle, look around. Be aware of people walking or vehicles around you, particularly those backing up or those driving toward your vehicle. Wait for them.
  • If you are parked between two larger vehicles, back-up slowly, making sure to watch carefully for pedestrians or other vehicles. If you are having an extra hard time seeing around the larger vehicles, you may want to have a passenger get out and guide you out of the parking spot.
  • When walking to and from the store, watch for vehicles. Avoid walking directly behind a driver who appears to be backing-up.
  • Go down lanes in the correct direction. If it is a one-way lane, only go down that direction.
  • Maintain a safe speed while driving in a parking lot. If you are going too fast, you are more like to crash into another vehicle.
  • In a busy parking lot, it is best to just stay in your lane and avoid cutting across the parking lot to save time. If you feel safe cutting across the parking lot, be especially diligent about looking both ways and giving vehicles traveling down the lanes the right-of-way.
  • Be respectful of other drivers, and be ready to stop for other drivers who are distracted and may not see you.
  • Obey all parking lot traffic signs.

Because other drivers could be focused on other things, even if you are driving safely, you may need the help of an auto accident attorney in Odessa. If you were injured in a parking lot collision or another traffic accident, contact us.