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Oil field jobs have always been extremely dangerous. The heavy machinery, heat and risk of explosions or other oil field accidents require physically exhausted workers to always be at the top of their game.

But the pressure from big oil companies to speed up production and increase profits has led to decreased safety checks, longer working hours and more mental and physical stress on oil field workers from the bottom up. Nowadays, oil field accidents involving the hard working employees of the oil industry are far too common. Refinery fires, equipment failures, safety violations and contractor oversights make already dangerous oil jobs even more so. The hard-working people of the Permian Basin shouldn’t have to risk their health or their lives for a paycheck.

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If you have been seriously injured in an oil field accident, Ask Robert White to investigate your case. Attorney White is a veteran of Texas personal injury law and experienced with the kinds of industrial accidents that happen in the oil industry. Don’t accept just whatever amount of compensation may be offered to you, ask for help with your claim. Attorney White will see that your hard work is not overlooked. If a big oil company put your life on the line, then that company needs to be held fully accountable for any loss you incurred.

If your loved one was killed working an oil field job, ask Attorney White about a wrongful death claim. No family should suffer such a tragic loss of a family member because of an oil company’s negligence or mistake.

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