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We all trip over our own feet from time to time — some of us more than others — so it’s normal to expect an occasional bump or bruise from our little mishaps as a fact of life. It can be a different story, though, when a slip and fall accident happens because of unsafe conditions on public or commercial property.

The property managers or maintenance people who take care of retail stores, shopping malls, parking garages, banks, schools, restaurants, apartment complexes and all public places are supposed to make sure that people who visit their properties stay safe while they are there. Walkways should be free of tripping hazards. Recently mopped floors should be conspicuously marked with “Wet Floor” signs. Parking areas should be well-lit for safe walking and personal safety. Even playgrounds should be in good repair for the hundreds of kids who play there and never give a thought to something going wrong. Of course, adults, too, have a reasonable expectation for safety anywhere we are invited — that includes public places and private homes or events.

Slip-and-fall attorneys actually do more than just personal injury cases that are literally related to slip-and-fall accidents. “Premises liability” is the actual legal terminology for holding property owners responsible for the safety of their guests. Premises liability encompasses all those things mentioned above, plus injury caused by falling objects, dangerous ice- and snow-covered paths, failed security and more. When danger is present, property managers are required by law to provide a warning to anyone who might encounter it and to repair the unsafe condition within a reasonable amount of time.

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If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident in Odessa, Midland, or anywhere in the Permian Basin and Texas Hill Country, make sure you contact an Odessa slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible after the incident. Evidence needs to be preserved immediately. Witnesses must be contacted soon after the accident. Additionally, your medical care needs to be well-documented so that Attorney White can fight for an insurance settlement that’s enough for your full and complete recovery.

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