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Semi-trucks, tankers, double- and triple-trailer trucks can all be found on Texas highways. Each one has the potential to cause serious injury if involved in a truck accident. Compared to every day passenger vehicles, commercial trucks are like 30-ton monsters. If you end up in a truck accident with your passenger vehicle, the forecast can be grim and a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death lawsuit may be your only hope.

It takes a strong and seasoned truck accident lawyer to know how to fight for the little guy in this scenario. By law, truck drivers and shipping companies are supposed to adhere to strict regulations but many times they don’t. Truck maintenance gets delayed because of tight delivery schedules. Drivers lose sleep in attempts to deliver more loads before a deadline. Trailers are overloaded with inventory to save shipments. None of this reaches the log books, of course. All these kinds of non-compliance can mean bad news for everyone on the roads, but the monsters continue to behave as if they’re impervious to danger.

Insurance companies know all about how drivers and trucking companies try to skirt the law. If negligence or non-compliance caused your truck accident, you can just about guarantee the insurance company will cover it up. They might even try to blame you. It’s important that as soon as possible after you or your loved one has been involved in a truck crash, you seek legal help.

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