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Thousands of workers in West Texas are hurt every year because of an on-the-job injury. State laws allow for employees to receive financial settlements for medical care and work days lost following a work accident, but often that money is not enough to cover your needs. In addition, the paper work and insurance requirements of your employer can be confusing, time consuming and exhausting. Many employers have big human resources departments to walk you through these kinds of personal injury issues, but sometimes even they aren’t up-to-speed on changes to the law or their company’s own insurance requirements.

On-the-job injury attorney Robert White has experience with the complexities of Texas laws. If you’ve had an on-the-job injury and need to file a claim with your employer’s insurer, talk it over with Attorney White first. He can make sure all your filings are complete and that you get all the compensation you’re due. But don’t waste any time in getting help with your claim. There are time limits for filing. Also, as with any accident injury, it’s wise to seek medical care right away. If you wait days or weeks after the accident before you visit the doctor and make your claim, the insurance company can (and will) argue that your injury happened elsewhere.

If someone else was responsible for your work accident (not your employer), there is another option you can Ask Robert White to help with. There may be an opportunity to file a third-party lawsuit against the person responsible for your injury in addition to your regular work injury claim.

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Whatever the cause of your on-the-job injury — construction accident, negligence or just a simple mistake — Robert White has helped thousands of clients maximize their claims in Odessa, Midland, and throughout the Permian Basin and Texas Hill Country.

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