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If a loved one was killed due to the actions of others, file a wrongful death suit

Why File a Wrongful Death Suit?

The most devastating outcome to a personal injury accident is the loss of a loved one. No one can ever be prepared to say goodbye, but when negligence and carelessness takes a loved one away suddenly and tragically, the pain can feel unbearable.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer won’t change history, but it could make the future less worrisome. There are many things to consider after a sudden death. If the loss is of the family’s primary breadwinner, how will the surviving spouse and children support themselves on their own? If the loss is of a new mother, how can dad take care of everything all alone? Grandparents, children, and friends — they are all priceless.

A wrongful death suit can provide some financial peace of mind to a family who has lost their primary source of income. But a jury will have to consider a great many details before deciding whether to make an award and what the amount should be. Expert witnesses will need to testify to the emotional and psychological cost of your loved one’s death. The jury will need to know exactly how much potential income has been lost. The age of the deceased, his or her health, the value of an inheritance or the monetary value of the services he or she provided to loved ones must also be taken into consideration. All of these things add up to the compensatory damages of your personal injury settlement.

In addition, if the event that resulted in wrongful death was especially heinous, malicious or negligent, a jury may consider awarding punitive damages. This kind of award requires fool-proof evidence and a well-built case.

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