Common Safety Hazards In Oil & Gas Industry

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The oil and gas industry may still be incredibly profitable for the guys on top, but the overall business has suffered a chain of budget cuts and constraints. While supervisors are looking to cut costs, health and safety practices must always be supported. Safety is especially important for this industry, considering its fatality rate is seven times higher than the …

Robert WhiteCommon Safety Hazards In Oil & Gas Industry

Why Was My Personal Injury Claim Denied?

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After you’ve suffered a personal injury, one of the last things you want to do is deal with an insurance company. They always put on a friendly face when selling their policies, but they never really want to give out any money. Their business model depends upon them keeping as much money as possible, so don’t assume that they’re always …

Robert WhiteWhy Was My Personal Injury Claim Denied?

Car Accident Caused by Cell Phone in Texas

Woman driving car distracted by her mobile phone

Driving is something most of us do every day, but that doesn’t mean we should allow ourselves to become distracted when behind the wheel. It’s a common activity for so many, but it’s an activity that requires focus and direction. There are plenty of distractions that can compromise that focus, but one distraction has received a lot of attention lately. …

Robert WhiteCar Accident Caused by Cell Phone in Texas

Texas Truck Accident Causes

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When you’re in a truck accident it turns your entire life upside down. You’re faced with massive medical bills, you can’t work any longer, your personal life is in shambles, and all you want is to feel like you’re in control of your own destiny again. Truck accidents cause damage that is far more catastrophic than accidents with cars, simply …

Robert WhiteTexas Truck Accident Causes

Odessa Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

18 wheeler trucks on the road

Accidents involving semi-trucks, big rigs, eighteen wheelers, and the like, are found all over Texas. They’re also some of the most devastating and catastrophic accidents on the road. While they make up a small percentage of total vehicular accidents, they are on the rise, and the damage they cause is in the millions of dollars every year, both in property …

Robert WhiteOdessa Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

Understanding the Insurance Adjusters Role in Your Injury Claim

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If you’ve been in an accident and gotten hurt, when you file your claim you will at some point have to deal with an insurance adjuster. These people are often obstacles to getting the compensation you deserve, and they can be your worst enemy when all you want is to be paid for your medical costs, lost wages and the …

Robert WhiteUnderstanding the Insurance Adjusters Role in Your Injury Claim

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Texas?

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Every state has its own laws and statutes regarding the filing of wrongful death cases. These cases, which are completely separate from criminal charges, allow you to receive financial compensation for the harm you’ve suffered after the loss of a loved one due to someone else’s negligence. Of course, collecting on these claims can get complicated, and there are specific …

Robert WhiteWho Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Texas?

Your Medical Records, HIPAA, and You

Hospital files

Your medical records are the core of your life. They tell almost everything about you, and there are a lot of circumstances where you might need to look at them. It could be something very basic like you’re changing doctors or seeing a new specialist and you need to transfer copies. It could be more complex like a personal injury …

Robert WhiteYour Medical Records, HIPAA, and You

Important Safety Tips for the Winter Season

Frozen Wheel Well and Tire

As the winter season approaches, many of us are dreaming of evenings curled up by the fire while enjoying the company of our loved ones. While you’re planning on how to stay warm and toasty during the coldest months of the year, you also need to take the time to consider how you can stay safe. Like every season, winter …

Robert WhiteImportant Safety Tips for the Winter Season

Prevent Fires with these Christmas Tree Safety Tips

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The reason that so many look forward to the coldest months of the year is that the arrival of the winter season means that Christmas is just around the corner. Shopping for gifts, decorating your home, and planning for a delicious Christmas feast are just a few of the reasons that so many people love this holiday, and if you’re …

Robert WhitePrevent Fires with these Christmas Tree Safety Tips

Advice for Bad Weather Driving Conditions

Driving in snowy winter

For many people, there’s nothing more enjoyable than going on a long, leisurely drive. While it can certainly be enjoyable to hop behind the wheel and go wherever the road may take you, it’s important that you’re prepared to encounter adverse driving conditions that can put you at risk for a serious wreck. Driving through bad weather can be extremely …

Robert WhiteAdvice for Bad Weather Driving Conditions

Thanksgiving Safety Tips Made Easy

thanksgiving meal

Although there are many exciting holidays throughout the year, not quite matches the festive atmosphere surrounding Thanksgiving. A time to reflect on your life’s blessings and enjoy great food alongside friends and family, Thanksgiving is a holiday that most of us eagerly anticipate. While Thanksgiving is one of the year’s best holidays, it is also one of the most dangerous, …

Robert WhiteThanksgiving Safety Tips Made Easy

Is My Vehicle Settlement Taxable?

woman making a call after a car accident

Car accidents can be one of the most traumatic experiences of your life, and will often result in costly medical bills and expensive repairs. Insurance companies are usually of little to no help because their business model relies on people not needing their money — and they have lawyers on retainer to continue that trend. Your recovery is what matters …

Robert WhiteIs My Vehicle Settlement Taxable?

Do I have a Slip and Fall Case?

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A dangerous slip and fall can negatively impact your quality of life. Your injuries could prevent you from working, leaving you unable to support yourself or your family. Without a steady income, paying medical bills can prove even more difficult. The stress of not being able to pay your medical bills coupled with a painful injury can make your life …

Robert WhiteDo I have a Slip and Fall Case?

Product Liability and Medical Malpractice: What is the Difference?

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Consumer products don’t always work the way we want to. Sometimes they don’t work as advertised or prove to be defective in other ways. For the most part, defective products serve as nothing more than a minor annoyance, but sometimes defective products can be downright dangerous — and even deadly. If you were injured or suffered losses due to a …

Robert WhiteProduct Liability and Medical Malpractice: What is the Difference?

Will My Worker’s Compensation Benefits Be Taxed?

work injury claim form

If you’ve ever been injured at work, you know the importance of workers’ compensation. An injury could result in expensive medical bills and even prevent you from working until you recover. Medical expenses and lost hours on the job resulting from something that your employer should have prevented is unfair and qualifies you for benefits. Sometimes, however, your employer will …

Robert WhiteWill My Worker’s Compensation Benefits Be Taxed?

I Got Hurt on the Job: What Do I Need to Know?

Engineer and construction site manager dealing with blueprints and budget

It doesn’t matter what line of work you pursue, your employer has a legal and moral obligation to provide a safe and secure work environment where there are minimal opportunities for injury and illness. Even still, accidents do happen, whether it’s from lifting a heavy box, tripping on the way to the restroom or even getting into a car accident …

Robert WhiteI Got Hurt on the Job: What Do I Need to Know?

Surgical Errors: A Common Form of Medical Malpractice

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When people hear the term “malpractice” they generally think of complete incompetents or malicious mad scientists. The truth is, medical malpractice can happen just about anytime to anyone. A single mistake by an otherwise competent physician can cause a lifetime of difficulty for victims. Collecting damages from malpractice isn’t about ruining careers; it’s about helping you to make ends meet …

Robert WhiteSurgical Errors: A Common Form of Medical Malpractice

Motorcycle Accidents: The 4 Most Common Causes

Motorcycle on the rural road

Motorcycle accidents don’t necessarily occur more often than other types of motor vehicle incidents, but they do tend to be much more catastrophic in terms of injury and potential death. This is because, obviously, when you’re on a motorcycle you’re not protected by four walls, a roof, and a steel frame. According to the federal government, there were 35 times …

Robert WhiteMotorcycle Accidents: The 4 Most Common Causes

Motorcycle Accident: Was It Caused by a Defect?

Woman drives on a motorcycle on a morning highway

Not every motorcycle accident is caused by careless drivers or negligence on the part of someone else on the road. While accidents due to collisions with vehicles via drunk driving, driver carelessness or other such lapses in judgment are catastrophic, sometimes an accident isn’t the fault of anyone at the controls, but the fault of a defect in the machine …

Robert WhiteMotorcycle Accident: Was It Caused by a Defect?