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Preparation Is Very Important When Planning A Road Trip

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Will you be one of the many Americans on the road this holiday season? If so Odessa auto accident attorneys at Childs Bishop & White P.C. wants you to be prepared for any circumstance you may face in your travels. Keep the following tips in mind.

Pack Emergency Supplies

Hopefully you will travel to and from your destination without any issues. However, you want to be prepared if you do face an unexpected delay or issue on the way. If weather conditions degrade you may need to pull off to the side of the road to stay safe. It is possible you will be stuck for a while. You will want have some food, water and blankets in the car. Consider how many people will be traveling with you when you are packing your emergency supplies. Make sure you have enough for everyone. Pack non-perishable food such as granola bars.

First Aid And Medication

Consider including a first aid kit in your car. It is helpful to have if you find  you are in a situation in which you need it. In addition, pack extra medication for anyone who requires a prescription. You don’t want to run out if the trip takes longer than you anticipated.


Start out with a full tank of gas. Instead of letting it get near empty before stopping to refill the tank consider refilling when it gets below half a tank. If the weather changes and you have to pull off the road for a while or you encounter a car accident that snarls traffic you will want to have plenty of gas in the car.

If you do find you are in a car accident first check all parties for injuries and call for an ambulance if needed. Next record information about the accident. Include the make, model and license plates of all vehicle involved. Take photos and record the weather conditions and exactly what happened. Get the contact and insurance information for all parties. Before settling with the insurance company, contact us so we can help you receive the settlement you deserve.